Locker Hooking Kit + Online Guide



Learn how to weave your own coasters, pot holders, or rugs through locker hooking. It’s an easy skill that you can learn whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter. Judith Basco of Art of Yarn will teach you that you can weave it yourself!

This package is good for 2 participants! Includes:

  • A complete weaving kit
    • 2 pieces of 5 x 5 inches mesh canvas
    • 1 piece of 7.5 x 7.5 inches centerpiece/ hot pad
    • 2 pieces of 4mm locker hook
    • 2 pieces of big & small plastic needle
    • 50g of combed cotton yarn
    • 1/4 kilos ANTHILL Fabric Scraps
  • Link to access the online guide

You can do this activity with your little ones, a special someone, or even friends and learn to weave it together. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Erin Miranda

The workshop was very comfortable and easy to follow! I enjoyed it!

Lara Fernandez Barrios

The workshop was fun and relaxing. I am looking forward to more workshops combining two things I love - crafting and ANTHILL’s wonderful weaves

Chicho Suarez-Rodriguez

I did this workshop with ANTHILL and The Art of Yarn, and it’s such a pleasant way to spend a part of my weekend. All the techniques were explained well and the fabrics from Anthill were so fab. Looking forward to the next ones.

Therese Paman

The locker hooking workshop opened my eyes to the world of weaving. The workshop is perfect for beginners who want to take weaving and crafting to the next level!!

Jess Ouano

The locker hooking workshop was lots of fun and surprisingly easy to do. Judith is a wonderful teacher and I was happy to explore a new craft with an intimate group of craft enthusiasts like myself. Loved the output very much and I am really excited to experiment more with locker hooking and scrap handwoven fabric in the future.