This collection of handwoven textile wall hangings are inspired by exotic tropical flowers found in the Philippines such as the jade vine, passiflora moluccana, and the hooded orchid. The petals of these flowers showcase unique shapes and beautiful colors. The patterns on the weaves are meant to represent the shapes of different types of petals on these exotic flowers. Made from Abaca Pingangabol fabric scraps that were carefully taken apart and rewoven into wall hangings. The multi-coloured dyed fibers reminded the designer of the gradient colours of tropical flowers and the sturdy abaca fibre also provided an interesting texture to the pieces.

Ilang-ilang Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,700.00 / Piece

Santan Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,600.00 / Piece

Bogambilya Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,700.00 / Piece