It has always been our greatest belief that the continuity of our culture and the sustainability of our environment lies in the hands of the young. As we dream to grow another community among weave crafters, we put the spotlight on three amazing modern weavers in the Philippines- Jessica Ouano of Damgo Studio, Judith Basco of Art of Yarn, and Mia Go of Miago Studio. Through various materials and techniques, they have creatively explored innovative ways to carry on our treasured living tradition through modern weaving. 

In these beautiful collections, our Proud Weave Crafters heeded to our circularity challenge and ingeniously incorporated our weave scraps into their unique and beautiful pieces. Damgo Studio weaves an ethereal collection of fine art inspired by exotic blossoms that surround us. Miago Studio creates a variety of wall-hanging art pieces with a nature-inspired colour palette that will truly bring warmth to any space. The Art of Yarn is hosting a weekend workshop on locker hooking to get more of us to weave and learn how to make cute fabric coasters for our homes. Join our growing community and let's keep weaving!  

Bogambilya Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,700.00 / Piece

Ilang-ilang Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,700.00 / Piece

Landscape Round Weaving

₱1,000.00 / Piece

Mushroom Floor Wall Hanging

₱1,700.00 / Piece

Santan Textile Wall Hanging

₱1,600.00 / Piece

Seascape Round Weaving

₱1,000.00 / Piece

Weaving PH Textiles Kit + Online Guide

₱2,650.00 / Piece