Fabric Scraps


As our weaves are made with love and so much intricacy, we value and save them to honour the craft and also to protect the environment. Our scrap fabrics come from fat quarters to per kilo from offcuts and production waste. This is perfect for your creative craft projects.
The 1/2 kg of these weaves comes beautifully packed in abaca boxes that you can reuse as presents to your loved ones, or for your personal craft projects. Comes with a greeting card. Drop your message in the notes section.


 Box Dimension (for 1/2 kg) L6.5" x H3.5" x W5.5"

Fabrics come in varying cuts, colours, and type of fabrics.

DIY Gift Wrapping Weave Accents

Creative ways to spruce up your gifts with unique flower bows and ribbons using our scrap weaves!


Customer Reviews

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S. Hopkins
A fun surprise to give different fabrics a try!

This was a great choice for me. I was very unsure of the fabrics at first, but now I know what it actually feels like, and I got a few pieces from the pile I picked that I really like! So I got a couple of samples, with enough to make a few small pieces (like masks!), and now... I know exactly what I'd like to get in the future. I think I'll keep buying these fabric scraps, just for fun projects and to see what other new fabrics I'd like! :)

Lira Cadorna
Small Nuggets of Treasure

Don’t think of these things as merely scraps because these have so much potential! The cuts from each bundle I got were a mix of big pieces and small pieces. But the small ones aren’t bad at all because they’re still big enough to make coin purses, phone pouches, and the like — so not really that small at all!

good variety of colors :)

not sure yet what i’ll end up making with these scraps. the different sizes and occasional weird shapes will make it challenging. but i really appreciate these efforts to make sure none of these precious handwoven fabrics is wasted. ❤️

Leah A
Good mix of small fabric pieces

I'm really happy about this item. The scraps really are a good mix of colors, cuts and sizes (sufficient for small projects). I wouldn't have known about the fabric scraps if not for the little sales popups on the website. I'm glad though because this got me excited about the craft and upcycling projects I've been planning for a while.

A step towards circular fashion

This was surprisingly my favorite purchase from my last Anthill haul. The fabric scraps had a good mix in terms of color and pattern and are of really good quality. The sizes varied but all reasonable and still usable for small projects. No issues on my end so far in terms of dirt or smell after washing. There were some (pencil?) marks but it was understandable because they are scraps from when patterns were cut out. I think this is a great idea for using up all the fabric woven by the artisans and inspiring people to be creative.