Easter Weaving Room

The Easter Weaving Room is one of the oldest weaving centers in Baguio. Established in 1909, it was part of the Easter School by Deaconess Anne Hargreves with the mission to preserve the Igorot way of weaving, and provide the women of the community sustainable livelihood. Run by the Anglican Church, the Easter Weaving Room continues its mission to preserve the weaving culture by showcasing a wide range of Cordillera weaves from the Igorot, Ifugao, Paracelis, Kankanaey among others. More than just fabrics, it has grown to offer clothing, bed linens, kitchen fabric furnishings and souvenir items.

Benguet Stripe EWR 001

₱1,800.00 / Meter

Scrunchie DIY Kit

₱999.00 / Piece