Indigenous Enabel Crafts

Started in March 2017, the Indigenous Enabel Craft is a weaving community in Isabela that promotes modern weaving patterns and designs inspired by variety of thread colours. The community consists of 17 weavers whose primary livelihood is weaving. The weavers took on the challenge of reading and executing unique and modern patterns into the floor looms. Their creativity and capacity to bring these modern designs to life is awe-inspring. The weavers consider their craft a great learning exprience and good source of income.

Modernized Enabel 011

₱6,318.00 ₱4,422.00 / Meter

Modernized Enabel 013

₱1,800.00 / Meter

Modernized Enabel 016

₱1,800.00 / Meter

Modernized Enabel 021

₱3,366.00 ₱2,356.00 /
Last Cuts (1 Meter)

Scrunchie DIY Kit

₱999.00 / Piece