Malabor Abaca & Piña Weavers Association

The Malabor Abaca and Piña Weavers Association (MAPWA) is a community based association established in 2018 in Baranggay Malabor, Antique. Consisting of 28 weavers, they produce handwoven fabrics made from natural fibers such as abaca silk and piña silk as well as using cotton and polyester blends. MAPWA is currently experimenting with embroidery on abaca silk. The center promotes the art of weaving as they train the younger generation- both male and female different styles and weaving techniques.

Abaca Silk - Natural dye in Coconut

₱2,500.00 / Meter

Abaca Silk - Natural dye in Mahogany

₱2,500.00 / Meter

Abaca Silk - Natural dye in Talisay Tree

₱2,500.00 / Meter

Abaca Silk Natural

₱2,000.00 / Meter