Mangyan Heritage

The Mangyans are masters of traditional weaving using the backstrap loom called harablon. Their weaves called ramit features the geometric patterns called the minatahan or the eyes of an ikad (bird). This design is said to protect the wearer from harmful spirits. The weaver feels she is a part of the ramit and harablon when it is strapped on her back. Weaving is part of the Hanunuo Mangyan's life and culture that it is important to be passed down from generation to generation. The Manyans still wear their ramit weave traditionally as wrap skirt for everyday wear even until today. They surely live the essence of wearing your tribe with pride.

Ramit Minatahan Beige

₱5,600.00 / Meter

Ramit Minatahan Blue

₱3,400.00 / Meter

Ramit Minatahan Brown

₱5,600.00 / Meter