Ilang-ilang Textile Wall Hanging


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  •   WEAVER: Jessica Ouano

    This textile wall hanging is inspired by exotic tropical flowers found in the Philippines. The pattern on the weave is meant to represent the unique shapes of these flowers' petals. The textile is made out of oeko-tex certified 60% linen 40% cotton yarn and 100% abaca paper yarn combined with handwoven abaca pinangabol scrap fabric that was taken apart and rewoven into this textile. The textile wall hanging comes with metal hooks attached to the back of the wood.

    A weave of dreams

    Jessica discovered her passion for sustainable fashion and the textile industry in her immersion with a weaving community


    Textile:   7 (length) x 8 3/4 (height) inches
    Wood:   10 (length) x 3/4 (width) x 1 3/8 (height) inches


    • Handwoven fabric made with a combination oeko-tex 60% linen 40% cotton yarn, 100% abaca paper yarn and scrap Abaca pinangabol fabric
    • Reclaimed wood

    5 1/2 hours 

      KILOS OF SCRAPS USED FOR THE PROJECT: around 0.001 kilos

    Product colours may vary slightly due to the lighting in the photo or the settings of your computer/mobile phone monitor.

    Due to the handmade nature of our products, actual product dimensions may vary by around ±3%.


    Avoid moisture and any sharp objects that may snag on the yarn of the textile. To remove any dust build-up, lightly brush with a soft feather-duster or use a lint roller. You may also vacuum the textile using a soft brush head on the lowest setting possible. 



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