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Weave it yourself!

Weave it yourself!


Judith, the modern weaver of Art of Yarn, was always a craft enthusiast. In 2018, she started with knitting, crocheting and later on learned other yarn and fiber art techniques like macramé. She pursued this curiosity until she eventually taught herself to weave. In the process of documenting all her projects, she came to discover that what she learned, she can teach and everyone can weave themselves! This was just the beginning of how she spread her love for the art of yarn. 

"I wanted a name that [would] not box me with the endless things I could do with yarn! I was so excited and eager to learn different things I can do with my hands, so this brand name really resonated with what I’m still trying to do now–introduce more people to more arts of yarn." shares Judith on how she came up with her brand.

Her yarn projects and IG page started gaining traction and received inquiries about weaving. This paved the way for Judith to evolve from a weaver to a teacher.  She started being part of art events and hosting weave workshops both online and in real life. 

"I started teaching the Modern Weaving beginners workshop in 2019 and ever since [then], it has become more inspiring and fulfilling to do this craft every day. I’m now teaching kids and adults regularly in different handweaving levels of learning.”

As we grow our community of crafters and their appreciation of our Philippine weaves, Judith takes on the challenge to use our scrap fabrics and host a workshop among Proud Weave Crafters ready to have fun and learn locker hooking to make coasters out of our scraps. 

"I’m always excited to meet people who are interested in learning or just want to know more about weaving. Take the chance and try it out! You can start small, using materials you already have at home, or invest in making or purchasing a loom that you can use for more projects. I also offer beginner classes for kids and adults! Compared to other crafts, weaving requires less yarn but more patience because it’s a slow craft,” Judith shares some useful tips. 

The art of weaving has been continuously evolving with the infinite techniques and yarn manipulation. In Judith’s class, she offers the necessary basics, “Modern Weaving provides foundational weaving techniques. As they weave their own simple piece themselves, they are already introduced to the foundational techniques of weaving and experience spending hours starting and finishing.”  

New age weaving brings us to exciting times and new ways of preserving our living traditions. The Art of Yarn shares our vision to bring more accessible hands-on practices in deepening our learning and appreciation about our weaving culture. Great things await for this collaboration as Judith continues on her weave play. 

Check out her IG and website for more information about her projects. She also accepts private workshops on different yarn crafts in her weaving & tattoo studio in Pasig, HABITAT 570. 


Note: source of photos from Judith Basco, Instagram: @theartofyarn

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