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Weaving a tapestry of memories

Weaving a tapestry of memories


Mia, the modern weaver of Miago Art, is first and foremost a proud mom to a 2- year old- the source of inspiration that led her to pursue fiber arts. “I wanted to be more intentional in the upbringing of our daughter. I was dedicated to integrating objects of culture into our home as a way to spark interest in learning our Filipino heritage and artistry. That's how I found out about modern weaving and it really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.” 

She started her Instagram just very recently in February 2021 to showcase her works and document her weaving journey. It became a visual journal where she shares the progress and process behind her craft.

"When people started commissioning me to create pieces for their homes, that's when I decided to make it a full-time endeavor. To put it briefly, weaving is fun and rewarding for me because it fills my soul." tells Mia.

As an artist, she wants the pieces she makes to remind people of their most treasured memories. Mia often asks her clients what they want the commissioned pieces to remind them of. This helps her better understand her clients and also interpret the piece in a way where it can have a special connection to them.


Mia shares some friendly tips to first timers as she joins us in growing our community of Proud Weave Crafters, “It can be intimidating at first but just take it one thing at a time. Yarns can also be expensive so when you're still practicing, opt for the cheaper yarns or better yet, just upcycle old clothes and whatever you can find at home!"


These wall masterpieces evidently show Mia’s personal relationship and strong connection with her loom and her craft. It is poetry in weaves that forms a beautiful tapestry of memories. Every creation is a landscape waiting to be discovered just like Mia’s craft. "My brand is always evolving in the same way that I am evolving as a person. Weaving was my starting point and now I'm currently on a journey to learn other forms of fiber art like knotting, spinning yarn, and botanically dyeing fibers to incorporate into my pieces in the future."



Taking inspiration from nature’s beauty and natural hues, Miago Art’s weaves textured fiber wall art in this special collection integrating our fabric scraps to support our circularity commitment.  Let yourself take a trip down memory lane and be on with nature in these beautiful weaves. 


Note: source of photos from Mia Go, Instagram: 

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